30 September 2014

Week #2-1/2 in Colorado!

Survived (ENJOYED!) another week here!

And it has been a busy one....the project is going really well (hope I didn't just jinx it!) & we have even had a little snow! I also felt acclimated enough to take on some trails at Rocky Mountain National Park this weekend. I won't post too many of those photos here - I think the Park deserves a blog post of it's own. Mainly because I took so many photos I need to take some time to sort them all out.....

So, as a continuation of last weeks post of things I have missed here in Colorado:

#6 = Sunshine & blue skies!

No matter how cold it seems to get here, it's a good bet that the sun is still shining. Perhaps it is the lack of humidity, but even on a "hazy" day here the air is clear. My moods are very susceptible to the weather & too many days of rain do have an effect. Same way all these days of sunshine seem to make me very happy!

#7 = Wildlife!

So far I have seen the largest variety of animals I can remember, some for the first time ever. A few of the notable firsts......

A moose! I never realized how big they really are....

My first pika! These guys are just too cute
Looks like a cross between a mouse & a rabbit?


#8 = Wildflowers & trees!

It's a good change of pace to be back in Doug Fir & Lodegepole/Ponderosa Pine country. I left my Wildflowers of the Rocky Mountains book back in TN, so I have not been able to figure out all the summer wildflowers, but I still enjoy seeing them. And the ASPENS! I am here at the perfect time to watch them change.


#9 = BEER!

I know I already mentioned beer in my last post, but really, there are just too many cool breweries located in Fort Collins for it to not get mentioned twice. 

Of course New Belgium was my favorite - so much that I took the brewery tour twice! I learned to play Rolle Bolle & got my first taste of 'sour' beer - another new favorite for me.

Loved the artwork & Space Ghost IPA at Equinox Brewing


Checking out the tanks at
Fort Collins Brewing

Really liked O'Dells IPA
Really really really wish they distributed to east coast!


Now, just so you don't think I have been out here the past few weeks just playing, next post will be about some actual work being done!

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