05 November 2013

Let's get this blog started.....

One of the cool things about hiking long distance is it gives you plenty of time to think. Even when you are hiking with a group, there comes a time when everyone gets tired & turns inward for a while. Kinda like meditation for me, but more on that later. But as far as the idea for this....

While doing a nice 17 mile day hike over Mt. LeConte in the Smokies, enjoying the great fall coIor on a crisp Autumn day, I was talking with my friend Harold about Elements. I bought my 1st E in 2003 - it was love at first sight! I was immediately drawn to the utilitarian aspect of these "toasters on wheels" as they really suit my personality. I mean, c'mon: any vehicle you can practically hose the trail dust, dog hair & assorted detritus of an outdoor lifestyle out of it...PERFECT!  I had to wait 3 months to get my green 'cracker box' since that was a popular color at the time. Along the way I developed a bit of a sticker fetish & it became a work of art, maybe just folk art, but art nonetheless.


Regardless, my E became a postcard of the places I had been, people I had met along the way,  & a few places I was hoping to visit one day. At times I would come off the trails to find 'bonus' stickers stuck in the windows. Apparently some folks thought that 1 square foot of glass I had clear needed something! My E took me on many adventures: ultra runs all through the southeast, hike trips on the Batram,  Foothills, Continental Divide, Colorado & Appalachian Trails. It helped me move across the country twice & this fall moved my daughter into college.

I enjoyed that vehicle for 10 years, 227,000 miles, and unlimited adventures. 

I was heartbroken when Honda decided in 2011 to quit making the Element. I was not in a position to buy a new one at that time, but I began keeping my eye out whenever a 2011 came available. Seems most folks felt the same way as I did as there were not many coming on the market! Last week I found one in North Carolina that was just too good to pass up. Still under warranty, 4WD & a blank canvas for new bumper stickers!

So, with one last farewell hug to my 2003 (I did try to make sure the dealer didn't see me doing that), I set off in my new (to me) Element. Hoping for even more great explorations - being as it is all about the journey!

To tie it all together, in talking with Harold we were also discussing twitter & blogs & other such stuff & it occurred to me that writing about the E & my future adventures with it, including the acquisition of MORE STICKERS!, might be a good thing. And maybe, just maybe, other people would be interested in reading about it as well.

So let me know what you think: good, bad, indifferent.....

                                                           ..........But let the adventures begin!

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  1. I love it! I think it's a great start. I've already put a link to Twitter!